mom, dad, can i have a boy girl party this year for my birthday??? i’m gonna be 35 this year and idk i just think i should be allowed to now. 

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30 Day Final Fantasy IX Challenge

DAY 02 - Favourite Character


Garnet Til’ Alexandros XVII is an easy choice. Unlike many other princess roles of the time she was never introduced as the “damsel in distress” character. She is another character in the game that strictly follows her own beliefs and when introduced to story changing elements questions herself along with her approaching adulthood (which may have impacted her decision to change her name). Early on Garnet plays the role of White Mage, later she gains enough MP to be able to summon Eidolons making her an essential teammate. She did live the most sheltered life before making her escape to the real world which resulted in her being somewhat gullible at times and getting into sticky situations because of it. Garnet’s sense of dignity, passion, and loyalty to her those important to her rival that of any other character. The good part about this fact is that she is eager to learn and quick to do so. At key points in the game she takes a whole lot on and  struggles to balance everything but the thing is she never gives up and that trait is commendable for any young person to see and learn from themselves.